Replacement windows in Akron, Ohio

Today you have many choices when considering replacement windows for your home or business, so it is important to understand the differences in material and which is most conducive to your situation. At Amerigreen Construction our priority is to help you choose the best window for your home or business. We have a broad range of choices available to our customers, including vinyl, wood and aluminum windows, and our experts can show you which window style will best suit your needs and your budget. We also specialize in custom windows and doors, so you will never have to settle for a stock product if your vision demands something unique. We guarantee when you choose replacement windows in Akron, Ohio, from Amerigreen, you will be pleased with the look of your new windows and the feel of your home or business.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are a common feature in older homes. They also may bring back some unpleasant memories of sticky screens and storm windows, bent frames and cold drafts. However, today’s aluminum windows are much better than the windows of old, and their lower price tag make them a great alternative for some homes and businesses in the market for replacement windows in Akron, Ohio.

Weight is a big advantage of aluminum windows. Aluminum is extremely light and extremely strong, making it dent resistant and highly durable without adding extra weight to the sash. This is one reason that aluminum windows can meet architectural specifications that vinyl or wood windows cannot. Aluminum is also more easily manipulated, making it a good material for unusually shaped windows or windows with curves.

The thinner frame profile on aluminum windows make them a good choice for narrower windows or when you want to get maximum viewing from a window. Aluminum windows also block out noise somewhat better than wood or vinyl windows, potentially making them a better option in city environments.

Aluminum windows are a popular choice for government buildings, schools, heavy commercial buildings and restaurants because of their ease of manipulation and lower price tag. The also require very little maintenance.

The biggest disadvantage of aluminum windows is the issue of energy efficiency. Although construction standards of modern aluminum windows are much higher than that of their predecessors, and they do hold heat much better than they once did, they do not provide the comfort level that wood and vinyl windows do. They are still a good option for commercial buildings and other applications, however, because of their much lower cost, especially in climates that tend to be a bit more moderate in temperature.

At Amerigreen we can help you work through the advantages and disadvantages as you consider whether aluminum windows are right for your home or business. Our expert installation will make any window choice the very best for you regardless of the material that you choose, and our promise is to provide you with quality workmanship at the best price possible.

Custom Windows and Doors

Does your design plan call for windows and doors outside of the standard shapes and sizes? It’s not a problem at Amerigreen Construction. We specialize in custom made windows and doors, including bay and bow windows, sliding glass doors and French doors. Our goal is to bring your vision to life, whether it is unique in size or shape, a material in a different color or an unexpected application.

At Amerigreen Construction we understand that a window can be the centerpiece to your home. We offer a variety of styles and window materials so when you are designing your specialty window, you are limited only by your imagination. Our experts can walk you through the many possibilities, creating a look that is truly unique to your home and increasing your home’s value.


Our approach to your specialty door is the same. Whether interior or exterior, we want your door to be more than a passage into your home or a entrance into another room. A custom designed sliding glass door or french door will add a special warmth and feel to your home, and our professionals will go the extra mile to provide you with that perfect look, as well as ascertaining that your door is perfect for the functionality of your home.

Our expert installation team always keeps energy efficiency and curb appeal as the top priorities when installing your custom made doors and windows. Our goal is to lower your energy bills, increase the value of your home, and leave your friends and neighbors asking who did your door installation or window installation services.


We are also available for repairs. Whether your custom designed windows or doors came with the house or were part of a previous project, we can handle any type or style from the most basic to the most unusual. Call Amerigreen Construction for top quality repairs to your custom designs in Akron, Ohio or the surrounding area.

Vinyl Windows

The replacement vinyl window is one of the most popular choices for homeowners seeking to upgrade the look and comfort of their home. Vinyl windows are reasonably priced, energy efficient, easy to clean and virtually maintenance free. They can often be installed onto the old sash for a quick and simple project, making them a logical choice for busy families on a budget.

Vinyl windows are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), so they will not peel or fade and they are nearly scratch resistant. Unlike wood windows, your vinyl windows will never need scraping, painting, or staining. A quick wipe-down when you are cleaning your windows will keep them looking like new much longer than other window materials.

If energy efficiency is your top priority, vinyl windows are for you. PVC is a low conductive material so it is extremely resistant to heat flow, a perfect barrier when faced with the cold winters and hot summers of Northeast Ohio. Not only will your new windows keep your house more comfortable year round, you will likely get a great return on investment in the form of lower utility bills.

At Amerigreen we want you to find the perfect solution for your window project. Our vinyl windows are available in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Whatever your design or color scheme, our trained professionals can advise you on choices that best serve your family and increase the value of your home or business.

Wood Windows

If your renovation plan calls for character, an organic look or maintaining historic roots, wood replacement windows may be the best solution. The natural look of wood adds a beauty and warmth that is lost with the use of other materials, so the somewhat higher price is often made up for by an added value in the look of your home.

Wood is a natural insulator, so wood windows can stand up to the worst winters and hottest summers Northeast Ohio can deliver. They also are durable with proper installation and care. At Amerigreen we use only the best quality hard wood products for our windows. They are carefully installed, insulated and sealed for maximum energy efficiency, and our professionals will advise you as to the proper care and maintenance so that your investment will last you a lifetime.

So why choose wood windows over vinyl if they cost more? Considering energy efficiency, durability and appearance, wood windows are an exceptional value. They are the perfect choice for historic homes and homes in rustic settings. While they do require regular care, the aging process of the wood framing will add to the character of your home.

In addition, wood is the only naturally renewable building material that can easily be recycled and replenished to help keep our earth beautiful, making wood windows the perfect Green choice.

While the norm may be to replace those drafty and rotting wood frame windows with vinyl, today’s wood windows are a great option for homeowners and business owners seeking to keep that rustic or original look. Our well-trained staff can help you determine if wood windows are the right choice for you.